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Dad's 27 Chrysler Speedster page

My dad and I just went up to Seattle, Washington, on a major road trip to acquire a 1927 Chrysler Speedster.  The Speedster is based on a Chrysler model 70 "Finer", and was probably originally a 2 or 4 door hardtop, but now has a custom wood body.

Here's me trying my hand at shifting a non-syncro tranny, proudly proclaiming "I've found third gear!"
Here's my dad turning into his driveway, showing the gas tank and trunk that really honest to goodness looks like a big trunk.

Anyway, the car has 68 HP at 3000 RPMs stock, from a 218.6 CID straight six flathead mill, with about 5.5:1 compression ratio, and probably weighs about 2800 lbs and has a 4.3:1 ratio final drive.  The engine is very torquey (no published figure, but probably nearly 200 lb/ft) and it is easy to launch without even giving any gas.  Shifting requires a double clutching technique to match the RPMs on the idler shaft, or else the transmission says 'crunch'.  Steering is very heavy like a truck.  All in all, our testing staff believes it to be at least comparable to other sporting vehicles of it's day.  It has also been compared to a 1943 International 2 ton dump truck dad drove while in college.

We had a very scenic trip across the country, and went through Texas, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Washington, Oregon, Kansas and Oklahoma but we didn't take any pictures while traveling, so you have to take our word for it that we had fun driving 4000+ miles in 7 days to bring this beauty home.  We agreed that we liked Wyoming best of all due to 75mph speed limits, best selection of radio music, and some really good indian fry bread tacos we had on a reservation there.

K. Little, op ed.