The rules for the pussy whipped

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  1. Listen and nod. Pretend to understand, yet keep in mind that most likely she is just venting and it may be best that you not attempt to understand, and perhaps ducking and letting the storm pass is advisable. When was the last time you tried to offer advise to a hurricane?
  2. Avoid evaluating her, even if she asks you to. Insecure women always ask to be evaluated and compared with other women or with other absolute standards. Ignore the insecurity and tell her what she wants to hear. Avoid the temptation to pop the balloon, you'll be sorry.
  3. Truth hurts. Lie as needed. See above.
  4. Bring cards, flowers & say "I love you" at least as often as you make love. Consider this preventive maintenance, and keep in mind that women, particularly insecure women, are more fragile than your pickup truck, and need maintenance more frequently than every 3000 miles.
  5. If she expects you to call her, tell her a time you'll call, and call her at that time. Otherwise she'll either sit by the phone waiting and whenever you call will be "too late".
  6. Pride, Respect and Trust are cornerstones of your being, and her's too. Don't violate them, or allow them to be violated. Love is not strong enough to overcome lack of pride, lack of respect or lack of trust; these are the foundations on which stable love rests.