Rules for a strong man to nurture the weaker sex

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  1. Never ever compare two women's talents or abilities or you will forever have to justify your response. (This goes double if one of the women is your mother.)
  2. Lie thoughtfully; Always tell her she is the prettiest, smartest, sweetest, etc... even if she isn't. This is especially true if she starts comparing herself with other women, asking you if you think her big busted girlfriend's tits are nicer than hers. Lie as needed, you'll eventually convince yourself that her's are nicer if you repeat it often enough (sucker!).
  3. Never ever insist she do anything... Just manipulate the situation to ensure that whatever you want seems like her decision. Subtlety is important, and she wants the strength of your concurrence.
  4. Never define a job or task as "women's work" or a "man's job". Do the dishes, cook and vacuum occasionally, and show her how to change her own oil and mow the lawn.