The Other Rules

The Other Rules

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Howdy, Y'all!

As many of you may have become aware, there are women out there publishing books like "The Rules" and there are women out there reading these books, and we need to get our own rules together to maintain some sort of illusion that we understand and respect rules, and that we have rules of our own that we live by.

Depending on your bent, I've categorized the advice as follows:

Those are the prototype version of the rules. Keep in mind that we need a team effort here, and I would appreciate submission of additional rules as well as commentary and suggested changes for existing rules or additional categories for which different rules may apply in different dating situations. Please email submissions to

At the same time, I think rules need to be simple and concise... only "the best" applicable rules should remain. Definitely no more than 12 rules per category, with the assumption that if a beer is being consumed for each rule you put into play, you'd be too drunk to last much beyond a 12 pack. If it doesn't fit on a single page, it will not make an impact.

And don't be too serious; an appropriate level of humor and cynicism along with some useful advice in a humorous context is the intent.

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